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For better patient care and increased revenue

With e-clinic, you can target groups of patients with appropriate marketing campaigns. Choose the most suitable people to target for new products, treatments and offers, using text message, email or letter.

For professional-looking HTML emails, e-clinic integrates with Mailchimp, the popular online email marketing service.

All new enquiries are logged with their initial lead source, so you can understand how patients discovered your clinic.

Marketing sources
Text marketing


Text messaging can be used for marketing as well as to remind patients of their appointment a day or two before the due date. This is a great way to enhance customer service and reduce DNAs.

Thousands of texts can be sent instantly at the touch of a button and prices start at only 4.5p per pre-paid text, with the price dependant on the size of the bundle you purchase.

Larger clinics and healthcare chains may be interested in additional services like outbound call management for telesales campaigns and direct integration with your website for incoming leads.


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