An important announcement

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e-clinic are going to be in the news and we wanted you to hear it directly from us first.

Earlier this year, completely unsolicited, ClearCourse Partnership approached us. They have been in the trade press a lot recently. This is due to their acquisition of tech companies who specialise in servicing the membership sector.

After extremely careful consideration, I have accepted an offer for e-clinic to join the Group. We see it as an exciting chance to grow and develop e-clinic into an even more successful company. It has obviously been a big decision for me on a personal level, but I recognise that for e-clinic to become what I know it can, more strategic investment is needed. 

What does this mean for our clients?
It’s natural that you might be concerned that this change could negatively impact your organisation and current projects. It absolutely won’t.

This new relationship is not about a change of leadership or combining different companies. We expect it to be business as usual but with more investment, resource and support enabling us to do more, better – for you.

e-clinic will still be the same individuals and teams you know. Our ethos and dedication to the sector will stay exactly the same. We are still a family but are now a family who are part of a bigger community. 

What will change?
The only change you will experience is that we’ll ultimately be able to provide a faster, more responsive service. We’ll invest in more people, develop new, more innovative solutions and offer you a wider set of options to solve your challenges and support your organisation. 

Who are ClearCourse Partnership?
ClearCourse is a Partnership with a mission to acquire innovative technology companies that offer complementary work-flow solutions, payments capabilities, and digital services to the membership, events & booking, and lifestyle, sports & leisure sectors. These companies help organisations optimise the relationships and experiences of their members and clients. They help their companies grow through investment, expertise and supporting services. 

ClearCourse is led by Gerry Gualtieri (the CEO) and Antony Towers (the CFO). Each has over 25 years’ experience developing businesses in the tech sector. Having worked closely with them over the last few months, we are confident they are the right fit for e-clinic as much as we are for them. ClearCourse is backed by Aquiline Capital Partners, a New York and London-based private equity firm.

What will our relationship be with the other members of the Partnership?
It will all depend on who they are. Some will remain our competitors and others we may work closely with to strengthen our offering for you.

Have more questions?
It’s vital to us that we retain your trust in us and our partnership. If you have any questions at all, or just want to talk to us please let us know. We’re more than happy to give you a call or come in and see you. You are also welcome to talk to Gerry Gualtieri, with or without us.

Mark Lainchbury
Managing Director, e-clinic