Are you worried about data security?

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data security

Do you worry about data security? Are you concerned about what would happen if you couldn’t access your patient information for a period of time?

We know that the security of your patient data is one of your top priorities. In asking a third party to take care of this data, you entrust them with a great responsibility. We take that responsibility seriously, and this post is to let you know about the systems we have in place to protect that data.

e-clinic has the highest security rating of any healthcare software provider. We use two data centres in the UK. They are ISO 27001 compliant and Tier 3 secured, which offers the highest possible level of security. Data is encrypted at 256 bit AES which is double the encryption rate of most connections.

Crucially, data is securely replicated and backed up overnight from one data centre to the other. This means that if a disaster happened at one data centre, a copy of your patient data would remain accessible at the second data centre. There’s no need to worry about data security, and no need to be concerned that you might not have access to your patients’ information in the event of a catastrophe.

It’s not cheap to provide this level of data security, but we believe it’s a non-negotiable for any cloud-based software provider.

e-clinic is a sophisticated solution for those who take their business seriously. It’s suitable for everyone from individual practitioners all the way up to multi-site chains. If you want to know more about how e-clinic can help your business, ask for a demo online, or send us an email.