Does your website need a facelift?

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Recent research shows that almost 80% of people would first research a company online before deciding to buy their product or services. This demonstrates the importance of having a professional and attractive website which reflects your business values, but also functions in a way that will connect, empower and resonate with your audience.

Having a great-looking website is only the first part of the equation. Your website should also make life easier for both your patients and those thinking about using your services. By allowing your website to integrate directly with your chosen clinic management software, you gain a huge competitive advantage. In simple terms, integrating your website means data only has to be entered once and is seamlessly transferred to your clinic management system.

For example, linking your website to e-clinic allows you to collect data to provide new leads with timely information; create workflows to enable a new enquiries to be followed up; allow collection of pre-treatment information; enable online bookings; and allow online payments or deposits for first appointments.

Your website should be a powerful tool for communication, marketing and administration. As a first connection point to promote and sell your services or products, it’s crucial that it reflects your business values and communicates in a way that your audience identifies with. 

How does your website match up?

Our partners and fellow ClearCourse group members NetXtra have provided this checklist of the things they believe your website should do:

1. Engage your audience 

Your website should reflect your brand, vision and values in a way that instills confidence. Good copy is critical to communicating this. The words you use should represent your products and services in a way that aligns with the aspirations of your patients.

The aesthetics of design and photography are also key factors in communicating your brand. User expectation is an important consideration when reviewing your website. Today’s users expect personalised interaction and to see content that’s specifically relevant to them. This is a major factor in increasing engagement.

Your website has two main audiences and corresponding functions:

  • To attract new patients by persuading them of your ability to meet their needs. Create trust by demonstrating how well you care for current patients – testimonials are great for this.
  • To retain current patients by building your relationship with them. This includes offering value-added services like online booking and the delivery of content tailored to their needs and interests.

2. Enable your processes

Automating the sending of an initial email on completion of an enquiry form means the prospect receives information (and even a follow up call) without delay. It also reduces duplication of tasks, as the data is added directly to e-clinic.

Allowing patients to complete forms and questionnaires online reduces both admin time and the potential for error. Unique logins allow patients to access tailored pre-appointment and aftercare information.

3. Empower your clients

Integrating your website with your clinic management system enables booking management and collection of valuable pre-treatment information, thus empowering your patients. As described in the point above, integration means that data is saved in real time to e-clinic, with no need for manual intervention. This reduces staff costs and frees up team members for other, more valuable, tasks.

4. Enhance your sales 

If your website also functions as an online shop, enabling product purchase in a minimal number of clicks is crucial to providing a great user experience. Up-sell and cross-sell opportunities for promoting related products can help to optimise your site’s performance.

Can NetXtra help your clinic?

If you’ve reviewed this basic checklist and are concerned that your current website is falling short in any of these areas, NetXtra would be happy to help.

As e-clinic and NetXtra are fellow ClearCourse group members, we can work collaboratively to provide services which include the provision of integrated websites and mobile apps. Mobile apps in particular are a valuable promotional tool. They put your brand in the pocket of your patient and can provide a range of value-added services, including push notification reminders, adding appointments to a device’s calendar, aftercare information, and even delivery of specific videos tailored to previous engagement and history.

View more information on how NetXtra can help e-clinic clients.