Are you making the most of e-clinic’s financial features?

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e-clinic offers a plethora of financial features. I’m sure you’re familiar with the basics of invoices and receipts, but this post will highlight some functionality which you may not be aware of. If you want to know more, or need help to implement anything you read about here, just contact our friendly support team.

Variable pricing
Any item on your price list can be set as a variable price. You can set different prices based on the insurance company, practitioner, clinic or even by the time of day. For example, a blood test might be billed to BUPA at £156 but to AXA at £135. If the patient has BUPA set as their insurance company and a third party invoice is created with a blood test as a line item, e-clinic will automatically use the correct price.

Or perhaps practitioner X charges £45 for a consultation and practitioner Y charges £40, or the London clinic charges £60 more for a botox treatment. Again, e-clinic will automatically calculate the correct price. Finally, you can even set a price based on time, so evening appointments can cost more than those in the daytime.

If you pay practitioners commission for treatments undertaken, you can easily set this in e-clinic. Commission is set individually for each practitioner and each price list item and can be a percentage or a fixed amount. Perhaps practitioner X gets £5 every time she carries out a physiotherapy assessment, or practitioner Y gets 50% of the total fee for fillers. Simply set this in the price list and then run the Sales Commission by Practitioner Report weekly to see how much they are owed.

Stock control
You can manage stock across clinics, whether it’s face cream or vials of filler. e-clinic automatically reduces the stock quantity by 1 every time an item is sold, and when new stock is received, you simply add it as a delivery. Batch codes can be recorded and stock levels across clinics easily viewed.

Xero integration
If you use Xero Accounts, e-clinic can seamlessly integrate your sales ledger.

Credit card processing
You can take card payments whether the patient is with you in clinic, over the phone (when booking a consultation), or even completely absent (in the case of DNAs). e-clinic integrates with Stripe to securely store card details and take payments. Details of the amount paid are automatically recorded as a receipt in e-clinic.

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These are just a few of e-clinic’s financial capabilities, over and above simple invoices and receipts. If you have questions about anything you’ve read here, please get in touch.