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We’re always chatting to existing and prospective customers, and one of the topics which comes up more and more frequently is the importance of a great support service.

When things go wrong, or when you just need a helping hand, it’s critical that your issues will be dealt with and your questions answered, quickly and effectively.

As an e-clinic user, you can submit a ticket by email or call us on the phone. If we need to, we’ll access your system remotely or connect to your own PC or laptop. Depending on the issue, it might be easy to solve with  a chat, or we might need to investigate and get back to you.

Independent measurements show the the support response times of e-clinic are in the top 1.5% of companies worldwide. 70% of all support queries are dealt with immediately or in under an hour.

We know from experience that many of our competitors are not able to offer such a robust level of support, leading to customer dissatisfaction and ultimately, cancellation of services. We regularly benefit, if that is the right word, from the generally poor level of support provided, by regularly gaining clients from our competitors.

This is particularly prevalent with some of the newer practice management software companies which have popped up in recent years. In contrast, e-clinic has been around for almost 15 years, and we believe our experience over this time stands us in good stead. As well as ensuring that the support offered will meet your needs, security is another key point to check when dealing with any clinic management software provider that offers cloud hosting – read more about security and safety from hackers in this recent blog post.

Here are just some of the comments from e-clinic users on our support team and the service they provide:

“The technical staff are always courteous, fully informed and in a position to respond promptly to any enquiries.”

“The customer service from Robin and his team is always fantastic and as a clinic we feel well supported. Would highly recommend to all.”

“I have found the support team at e-clinic to be extremely efficient, personable and prompt at dealing with enquiries and resolving any issues swiftly.”

“Any contact with the support team has always resulted in my issue being resolved very quickly.”

“Always speedy responses with your new ‘ticketing’ system. And it’s great that staff stay with e-clinic and know your users.”

If you have any questions about support from e-clinic, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.