Prescriptions and online pharmacy with Cloud RX

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Cloud RX and e-clinic

One of the great new features in the latest release of e-clinic is the integration with Cloud RX for digital prescribing.

How does it work?

We’ve updated and improved the prescriptions module in e-clinic 2.5. Products can be added as prescribable items with information such as frequency, strength and quantity.

Create the prescription in the Medical section of the patient’s record and then transform it into an order, which is automatically relayed to Cloud RX. Select how the order should be despatched to the patient, whether by Royal Mail or next day courier. The patient receives a separate email about the prescription from Cloud RX, with a link to allow them to pay for their pharmacy items.

What is Cloud RX?

Cloud RX is a new digital prescribing platform for private GPs and consultants. It’s a secure digital prescription system that allows prescribers to create and send an electronic prescription to the Cloud RX pharmacy for delivery direct to the patient.

e-clinic’s integration with Cloud RX makes the whole process even more simple, and means that details of the description are securely stored in the medical record of the patient. You don’t need to register separately with Cloud RX, as this is all done through e-clinic when you create your first prescription.

Here are just some of the benefits of using Cloud RX with e-clinic:

  • Simple and quick prescription creation
  • Legal, ethical and paperless prescriptions
  • No follow-up hard copy scripts and trips to the post box
  • Dispensed and dispatched to your patient’s door on the day payment is received
  • Potential cost saving to your patients

If you’d like to know more about using Cloud RX’s online pharmacy with e-clinic, please contact us. You can also find lots more information at Cloud RX’s website.

You’ll need to be using e-clinic 2.5 in order to use the Cloud RX integration. Upgrades are included in the cost of your e-clinic licence, so there‚Äôs nothing extra to pay to keep your software up to date. If you want to use Cloud RX, we’ll prioritise your upgrade, so just ask!