Reviews of e-clinic from hundreds of happy clients

Courthouse Clinics

QuoteFor us, e-clinic continues to give us absolutely everything we need in terms of the management of patients. We can drill down into every single detail, which is invaluable for reporting, marketing and improving patient communication and care.

Amanda Elbourne

EF Medispa

QuoteWe have used e-clinic for over ten years as we have grown from a single clinic to multiple sites across the country. We have been impressed with how its technology has progressed with the changes in the market.

Theo Fieldgrass

Crown Clinic

Quotee-clinic has helped us to organise our patient database – manage the patient file with letters, emails, appointments, finance and so on. At a glance you can easily view the patient record.

Whenever there have been any issues, e–clinic support is only a phone call/email away – they remotely access the system and repair any fixes or updates. They provide a very prompt service and the additional support is worth every penny.

Afshan Shahmalak

Cardinal Clinic

QuoteWe have always found e-clinic to be extremely helpful and flexible in making modifications to the system to suit our organisation and it is partly this that has kept us with them for so long.

What stands out for me is their willingness to provide bespoke solutions and tweak the programme for our benefit and the personal and prompt service we have always received.

Christine Harrington

Harley Medical Group

Quotee-clinic enables us to book appointments more efficiently and automate all other activities around that. e-clinic acts as the heartbeat of the business. It’s a piece of software that knows its role and does it well.

David Robson

Waterhouse Young

QuoteI have found the support team at e-clinic to be extremely efficient, personable and prompt at dealing with enquiries and resolving any issues swiftly. Although there are several reporting templates on the system, the team at e-clinic have built bespoke reports for us as a gesture of goodwill, as this hasn’t been something that was necessarily included in our support contract/package.

In terms of the system, it is very user-friendly and it is clear from the upgrades that they are always looking at and finding ways of improving the efficacy of the system.

Duncan John


There are hundreds of happy e-clinic clients across the UK, Ireland and Europe, working in every size and type of clinic, private practice or healthcare group, from small specialised practices to multi-disciplinary clinics to nationwide chains.

Hundreds of clinics across a broad spectrum of medical practice currently use e-clinic, including cosmetic surgery, aesthetics & laser, slimming, dermatology, fertility, musculoskeletal, clinical trials, psychiatry, ophthalmology, vascular and radiology. They are united by a common goal: to deliver the best patient experience using the most effective platform available. You can read what they say in the e-clinic reviews and testimonials above.

e-clinic is unique in the market as its Filemaker platform means we can accommodate bespoke requirements like automated NHS KPI reporting or integration with third party applications.

Many of our clients are award winners in their field – for example in aesthetics, we’re proud that in the last five years the shortlists for the prestigious Aesthetics Awards and My Face My Body Awards and been packed with e-clinic clients.


  • Private hospitals
  • Cosmetic surgery clinics
  • Aesthetic & laser clinics
  • Slimming clinics
  • Musculoskeletal clinics
  • Chiropractors
  • Osteopaths
  • Physiotherapy clinics
  • Radiology & radiography clinics
  • Psychiatric & psychology clinics
  • Sleep disorder clinics
  • Specialist clinics & health centres
  • Clinical trials providers
  • Hospitals & clinics in the Republic of Ireland