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Every Wednesday, you can join Managing Director and e-clinic founder Mark Lainchbury for a live webinar. The subjects vary: sometimes Mark will cover an underused feature, other times he may introduce a completely new one.

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Word inking tools
Wednesday 26th June 2018

In next week’s Wednesday webinar, we look at the inking tools in Word and how they can be used to enhance consent and treatment forms.

Taking 3rd party payments
Wednesday 15th February 2017

We look at taking third party payments in e-clinic, including to insurance companies.

Future directions
Wednesday 8th February 2017

In this week’s Wednesday webinar, Mark looks at the future direction of e-clinic, including some of the exciting new features that the upcoming upgrade of e-clinic will contain.

Communication templates
Wednesday 1st February 2017

Today Mark looks at communication templates, for sending quick personalised letters, emails and texts.

User levels and security
Wednesday 25th January 2017

We look at controlling access with user levels and security more generally within e-clinic.

Managing multi-site clinics
Wednesday 18th January 2017

This week Mark looks at managing multi-site clinics and the tools within e-clinic which can assist with this.

Task management
Wednesday 11th January 2017

Today Mark looks at task management in e-clinic, including managing work between team members, automating follow ups/recalls, and managing sales workflow.

Reporting and exporting
Wednesday 7th December 2016

Here we look at reporting in e-clinic, and specifically how to export data to Excel and analyse it using pivot tables.

Using Word for clinical information
Wednesday 9th November 2016

After last week’s overview of clinical information, now we’re looking in more detail at the ways you can use Word to record clinical data in e-clinic, including medical questionnaires, treatment forms and consent forms.

Marketing in e-clinic
Wednesday 30th November 2016

In this week’s Wednesday webinar we’re looking at using e-clinic for targeted marketing. Mark will cover how to select an appropriate group of patients and then send them a text or email. This might be to encourage them to return for a repeat treatment, to offer them a birthday discount, or simply to update them on news at your clinic.

Setting up your price list
Wednesday 23rd November 2016

This week we looked at setting up and managing your price list, including stock control, commission rates, automated follow ups and variable charging rates.

Overview of clinical information
Wednesday 2nd November 2016

This webinar is an overview of all the ways you can record clinical information in e-clinic, including annotating a template of a face or body, creating your own medical forms, recording appointment notes
and before and after photos.

Taking cards in e-clinic
Wednesday 26th October 2016

We’re looking at card processing in e-clinic: how you can process and store credit cards, take deposits over the phone, and even charge for DNAs. All this can be done securely and with full PCI compliance, without the need for a card machine, and with low transaction fees.

Treatment group setup
Wednesday 16th November 2016

This week we’re looking at how to get the perfect Treatment Group setup, including linking appointment type to your price list to create a seamless automated workflow.