Why online booking is the way forward

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As we are spending more time at home and in many cases, our kitchen is our office, laptops and phones are even more essential to us. We can do practically anything via a gadget and booking online appointments is one of those things.

e-clinic 2 offers the perfect solution to your online booking needs. If you still need persuading, we have outlined below just some of the many advantages of choosing this option:

  • By offering the convenience of online appointment scheduling, practices can improve the patient experience. This provides a competitive advantage in your market.
  • Online booking reduces time on the phone by your office staff so they can be employed more usefully and profitably elsewhere in the clinic.
  • By offering the 24 hour convenience of online booking, practices can increase their number of overall appointments while reducing any added strain on office administration.
  • The younger generation now use online scheduling more than any other. In addition, this group also shows the highest preference for using online appointment booking. So if you want to attract younger patients, online booking is a must.
  • Online facilities attract new patients – practices that offer online appointment booking can expect to attract more new patients than practices that don’t offer the online option.
  • Many people just don’t like talking on the phone!

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