Communicate the way you want to


By text, email or letter – whatever you choose

e-clinic makes it easy to communicate with your patients. You can set a preference for each patient and contact them by letter, by email or by text message.

You can create your own templates for standard letters and merge in the patient’s personal information. You can also automatically generate standard letters to the patient’s GP, insurance company or next of kin. e-clinic integrates with Word or use e-clinic’s own letter-writing functionality.

Larger clients may want to ask about integrated call centre management with auto-dial, as well as integration with leads from your website.

Sending letters


Reminding patients about their appointments is done automatically by text or email, as many days before the appointment as you wish. Unlike some of our competitors, emails can be sent free of charge from e-clinic and texts cost from just 4p.

If you prefer, letters with information on appointment dates and times can easily be generated, meaning future appointments can be confirmed by post.

When patients contact you, e-clinic allows you to scan in their written communications or record notes on phone conversations.

You can also communicate with colleagues by assigning tasks and viewing a daily task list.

We are currently updating our enquiry form so please email us if you would like to see e-clinic.