Great new features in latest e-clinic release

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We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of technology and innovation in clinic management software. That’s why we regularly release updates to e-clinic and make them available to all our cloud-hosted clients. Even better, upgrades are included in the cost of your e-clinic licence, so there’s nothing extra to pay to keep your software up to date.

The release of e-clinic 2 in 2019 brought a host of improvements to the core platform. They included a refined data structure, improved interface, enhanced security and greater connectivity. Specific features included iPad functionality, ability to create your own consent and clinical forms, and additional reporting power.

The latest release, e-clinic 2.5, builds on this solid foundation and offers a wide range of new features and functionality. Starting next week – Wednesday 17th February – we’ll be running a series of free webinars to give you more information on e-clinic 2.5. For now, here are some of the highlights.

Point of sale (POS)
Chip and pin payments are now fully integrated with e-clinic using ClearAccept. That means as well as taking payments over the phone or online, you can use a card machine at point of sale and e-clinic will be automatically updated with the transaction. If you wan tot know more about how to sign up with ClearAccept, please contact us.

Improvements to Mailchimp integration
e-clinic’s integration with Mailchimp now supports tags. e-clinic can automatically apply a tag to a subscriber on booking, invoicing and many other trigger events. Products and services can be intelligently connected to Mailchimp lists (audiences), allowing a patient to be immediately and automatically added to an audience or automation when they purchase a product or service through e-clinic.

Finance improvements
As well as integrated card payments through chip and pin and virtual terminal (used for example, to enter card payments onscreen when a patient calls) we have made a number of other financial improvements. One such improvement is around the handling of deposits – for example, deposits made by a patient can now be tied to a specific future appointment.

Appointment improvements
e-clinic now allows you to create your own ‘patient types’ and thus speed up appointment booking by using this information. A ‘patient type’ can indicate the type of treatment that person usually has and with whom (whilst still offering flexibility for changes). This makes booking an appointment significantly quicker.

Simplero integration
e-clinic now integrates with Simplero for automated marketing. Simplero is an all-in-one marketing platform which is used by several of our clients.

Prescriptions and pharmacy
e-clinic 2.5 has a much-improved prescriptions module. This is, in turn, linked to Cloud RX, which is a new digital prescribing platform for private GPs and consultants. The integration between e-clinic and CloudRx allows you to create and send an electronic prescription to the CloudRX pharmacy for delivery direct to the patient.

Online booking with BookMyClinic
e-clinic 2.5 includes a new online booking and payment app called BookmyClinic. This allows patients to book appointments round the clock, as well as pay deposits and consultation fees online. Your patients can access BookmyClinic through your website or by downloading an app to their mobile devices.

Improvements to clinical forms
We have made several improvements to the layout and the automation of clinical forms. Forms can now be linked to products and treatments, and the relevant form can be sent automatically when an appointment is booked for the patient to complete in advance. Answers from previous forms can be captured to speed up data entry, and forms can be placed ‘On Hold’ for completion at a future date.

Subscription management
Our courses module now supports subscription-based courses for ongoing treatments. Integrated recurring payments by card (ClearAccept) or direct debit (Clear DirectDebit) are on the horizon.

Data API
Our new data API makes it easier to link forms on your website to e-clinic, for example when someone makes a new enquiry.

Bug fixes
We’ve also fixed a few minor bugs and made improvements in other areas of the software.

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